6 Most Manipulative Housemates Ever On The Big Brother Naija Show

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1. Brighto:
He was also a fellow housemate in the BBN lockdown season 5. He was known as the “Lord Baelish” of the season who always ignited people against people or tried to encourage relationships that were not supposed to happen. Such instances we saw with his advice to Laycon to keep pushing to get Erica despite Kidd being there. He also spoke to Kidd about Praise fiancé outside the house, and so on.
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2. Nengi:
Nengi is another participant in the Season 5 edition of the Big Brother lockdown show. On coming into the house, the first 2 weeks were all about her showing her good looking body and trying to get all the guys attention in the house. She once stated that “if she likes something or someone, she would go for it and get it”. It’s a situation of she getting any of the guys at her fingertips.
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3. Kimoprah
Kim was in the last season of the Big Brother Pepper Dem show, she was evicted a little earlier in the competition, but what she didn’t miss out to do was to be manipulative. She disclosed this in an interview, she said she manipulates lust-filled men, of which the male Housemates in the Pepper dem house fell under, except for Mike who she claimed had a connection with her.
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4. Cee C
She was on the Big Brother Double Wahala season 3 back in 2018. She came with a different kind of manipulation, the emotional Manipulation. She went from constant fights with her fellow housemates to an emotional rumble with her then-lover, Tobi. She showed a knack for exerting undue influence by exploiting emotions of both hers and her subjects.
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5. Erica
Erica can as well be a member of this list as she was in a “mental and Physical” attraction with two other housemates, Kidd and Laycon. She had a good friendship with Laycon but he grew feelings and expressed them towards her, of which she already chose Kidd because she was physically attracted to him.
The first time she won the Head Of House, she clearly would choose Kidd but came back to apologise to Laycon and played the victim. Laycon disclosed that Erica whispered to him that she didn’t regret her actions. She clearly picked a side but kept going back to Laycon.
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6. Laycon
The icon president would find himself on this list as he was seen as being manipulative by igniting other housemates like Vee, Praise and so on against Erica as he constantly explained his dilemma with the love triangle he found himself in.
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