Big Brother Naija Housemates That Went To The Show Just To Chase Clout

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The Big Brother Naija Reality Tv Show is one of the Biggest reality Tv show in Africa. For most contestants, they see it as an opportunity to build a name for themselves and utilize the platform to the best of their abilities, while to others, its an opportunity to Clout-chase.

Below is a list of Big Brother Naija housemates who came on the show just to clout-chase.
1. KA3NA
KATRINE JONES was one of the Big Brother Naija seasons 5 contestants. While introducing one another, Ka3na made it clear that she was only on the show to build her brand. According to her, she has a luxury brand that she would like people to recognize.
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2. GIFTY POWERS was one of the contestants of Big Brother Naija season 2. During her stay in the Big Brother Naijs house, she was known for telling numerous blues and forming accent while she was in the house.
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If not known for any other thing, TACHA is known for overly defensive character. She is one housemate that cannot be forgotten. Her disqualification from the game, made her an even bigger brand than anyone could have ever imagined.
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4. Thin Tall Tony

Thin Tall Tony was obviously on the Big Brother Naija for clout. He build relationships based on lies and also got fellow housemate, Bisola played, by lying about his wife and kids.

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