Memento Park and Soviet Propaganda in Budapest

  • 4 weeks ago
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What is the best thing to do with the statues when they no longer reflect the values ​​of the population?

Many believe that simply destroying them is not the way, after all this can be a way of teaching the past to future generations. Others say that the simple act of the population to remove the statues from the streets is part of history.

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It is certainly a dilemma, but I think it is worth observing the experience of other countries, learning from them and bringing the best to our society. And that is one of the great gifts of traveling.

In the late 1980s, with the end of the Soviet Union, Budapest found itself with dozens of Soviet statues scattered throughout the city, and with that, in the same dilemma.

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In conclusion, they decided to create an isolated park / museum in the city and put all the statues there.

It is in this place that the “heroes” of the past, nowadays face each other. Scorned, but at the same time being used to educate new generations about past mistakes.

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